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Agrovantage® Overview

Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nitrogen is one of your most expensive inputs therefor proper application to your crops is essential. Once applied, much of it can be lost to natural processes such as denitrification, leaching and runoff. Guardian® slow-release nitrogen fertilizer additive “holds” plant-available nitrogen in the root zone longer, allowing you to cut your application rates by up to 10 percent or more. When you combine decreased nitrogen loss and application rate with increase crop yield potential, Guardian is one smart choice.


Once you have your AgroVantage® soil and/or plant tissue analysis results and recommendations, choose from a full line of Feast® Micro Master chelated secondary and micronutrients to balance your soils’ and/or plants’ deficiencies. These nutrients are designed for co-application with starter or foliar fertilizers. All of our formulations are unsurpassed in consistency, purity and nutrient availability. They are 100-percent chelated using EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) chelating agents (to resist soil tie-up and provide universal compatibility).

Starter Fertilizer

Conklin’s fertilizers start with the highest quality raw materials to produce a superior finished product. Unlike most fertilizers in the industry, Feast is an absolutely clear liquid, true solution with no impurities. It has a low salt index providing 100-percent orthophosphate and potash with potassium hydroxide. Only low-biuret (the most common impurity) urea sources are used in these specifically-formulated fertilizers. Feast can be mixed with most pesticides.

Foliar / Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding is designed as a management tool used by top producers to target plants at essential growth stages when photosynthesis, root growth and nutrient absorption need an extra boost. A successful foliar application requires products with proper specifications: a very low salt index, high solubility, low-biuret urea and high purity. Feast® fertilizers exceed all these qualifications for a foliar feeding program that’s highly effective at increasing both quality and yield. It also can be mixed with most pesticides.

Seed Treatment

Ramp up seed emergence with Amplify — one of the only adenosine monophosphate (AMP) seed treatments in the world. These proprietary products deliver AMP to the seeds as an energy source to enhance germination and emergence. We offer both dry and liquid-applied formulas recommended for use on corn, alfalfa, small grains, cotton and small-seeded grasses. Count on increased yield, lower grain moisture at harvest and a higher return on investment.

Hay Treatment / Silage Inoculants

Good forage is more than just production. Conklin’s Feedstore hay inoculant, Feedstore Generation II silage inoculant and Pro-Serve III forage treatment are necessary components of your managed system. These forage and silage treatments will help you recover more dry matter, preserve the hay and retain more nutrients to feed to your livestock. Without them, improper fermentation, heat damage and runoff can prevent you from getting the most nutrients from your crop. Management is Essential!


Get the most from your spray solutions with Conklin’s line of top-quality adjuvants – a key component of the AgroVantage system. Using these proven products allows you to take control of your spray solution and application to increase the effectiveness of any pesticide treatment.

Plant Growth / Growth Regulator

These EPA-registered plant growth regulators take crops to the next level of yield and quality. Cytokinins, naturally occurring organic plant hormones, stimulate cell division and enlargement. Both soil and foliar applications provide faster, more vigorous plant growth leading to increased yields and superior quality.


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Hay Treatment, Silage Inoculants, Seeds and Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Nitrogen Fertilizer